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IEBSA Group was founded in 2013, is the national high-tech enterprises and a joint venture in Taiwan, Mexico  and China Mainland. The company has been focused on PELP chips and PCI heat sink Technology, set up a PLEP Chip On Copper Board technology oriented R & D center , has a R & D team led by experts in the field of heat transfer technology.

IEBSA Group with Karhe technology and the Shanghai Jiaotong University and other several well-known research institutions, colleges and universities has established long-term cooperation relationship, and jointly set up with Institute of Engineering The rmophysics, Chinese Academy of Science, the "Joint R&D Center of High Efficiency Heat Transfer Technology ".The Phase Change Inhibited Heat Transfer has changed the traditional heat transport mode, and its effective thermal conductivity is up to 6000 W/m · K, much higher than that of the existing known materials.

After R & D team for more than eight years of development and production practice, the PCI heat transfer devices and their manufacture process have been mature. At present, PLEP Chips and PCI heat transfer device has been mass production and applied to high power LED lighting. High power LED lighting products have passed CE UL:E492530, PSE, CQC, TIS, LM-80,LM-79certification.


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